Sacred Ashes

"Our loved ones trapped in a container, their body,

their spirit and their soul could not be free."

“The fire purified these ashes and they need the land, water and air to collect it.”

One of the biggest problems of the human being is to believe that everything that has life comes to an end and lost.In our eagerness to retain what we loved most, we do irrational actions.We know that every tear is a call of love to our loved ones.We also know that in our grief, sadness and despair there are others who are happy waiting for them. In this painful situation it get hard for us to get rid of that memories that we adore, that we visualize, but in our conscience tells us that there is something wrong, something that we perceive in our homes.It’s painful for us to give the freedom to the remains, but we know that we should do it.It is advisable to scatter the ashes to avoid any influence on the people or homes.The ashes need to be settle.



We are pioneers of this type of unique service in Australia today.
We met with respect the wishes of the deceased person depositing the ashes where they had wished for.
We currently perform the service that would be painful for some people, for others perhaps for lack of time, health or work have failed to fulfill the dreams of the loved one.


Our services:

  • Scattering the rest of the body cremated commonly known as ashes for their final destination. International Services and legal procedures.
  • We conduct research in case the family is undecided where to scatter the ashes. In this way we will achieve as close as possible the destination that the deceased wanted.
  • Once we met the requirements of the relatives.
  • We provide them with a film / photos of the tasks performed.

We are committed to preserving the trust of our customers and no data is revealed to third party.
All collected information will be confidential.
At all times your privacy will be respected